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I say words in front of people and cameras


About Marissa | @missabowbissa


Marissa is a pop culture commentator, content creator, host, writer, and actor based in Chicago, IL. Her goal is to investigate, analyze, and critique the ways in which society is shaped by the media and pop culture we consume and, in turn, how media and pop culture are shaped by society. 

As a host and content creator, Marissa has used her academic knowledge and dry comedic perspective to grow a dedicated TikTok following of over 20,000 where she discusses her and her audience’s favorite aspects of pop culture. She also is a co-host and founding member of We’ll Throw the After Party, a podcast dedicated to popular culture and media analysis.

A recent graduate of DePaul University, Marissa holds a BA in American Studies concentrated in “Popular Culture and Media Studies” as well as minors in “Communication and Media Studies” and “Women’s and Gender Studies”. (Yes, it is a mouthful!) American Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study which interrogates the ways in which society and culture interact with hegemonic structures of power and through her unique and varied degree, Marissa was able to bring together her many interests including arts and entertainment, social inequity, and history.

While at DePaul, Marissa served as editor-in-chief for the American Studies Department Newsletter and received the Richard DeCordova Memorial Endowed Fund, Honorable Mention for excellence in American Studies and Film and Media Studies in recognition of her Senior Seminar project Royally Fierce: Feminism and the Disney Princess Line

Despite moving to Illinois at the age of 10, Marissa is a true Michigander at heart and refuses to identify as “from Illinois” when she could say “from Michigan” instead. Her summers are spent by the lakeside, fall is for the apple orchard, winter means ice skating, spring is time for fresh fruit, and there is always 100% pure Michigan maple syrup in her kitchen.

When not watching, writing, or talking about pop culture, Marissa enjoys baking, travel, and turning her apartment into a real life Barbie Dreamhouse. 

"I'm a princess? Shut. Up."

Amelia Mignonette Thermapolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia

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